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ByronPRO specializes in customer-focused, individual plans for your farm. We utilize whole farm thinking to keep feed costs low, while reaching optimal profits. We work with your team to develop a plan that identifies the challenges and solutions to ensure long-term performance of your farming operation. High-quality forage, value-added grain, and sustainable farming practices need a plan to succeed in every field, every crop, every year. Using a systems approach, we design one, three, and five year plans that create a sustainable farming solution for people, the planet, and profit.

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3 Steps to More Profit On Your Farm

High Oil Corn Field Day – Charles Brown

Charles Seed, Brownseed Genetics I'm here to talk about high old corn, something I've been working on for 21 years. I actually go back further than when I worked with Holden's Dupont to develop some of their pollinators for the top cross. I've been in this for quite a while. I'm a third-generation seedsman. My grandfather Monroe started in 1911, my dad Tom came in in 1949, and I came in in 1966 Continue Reading

High Oil Corn Presentation by Hans Stein

Hans Stein, Ph.D., University of Illinois I will talk today about the nutritional value of this high oil corn from Byron Seeds that we have worked with. As you probably know, corn is called maize in most countries globally. It is a stable cereal grain used both for human and animal feeding but is made mainly for animal feeding nowadays. We do see new culture bars quite often, and as Jim pointed Continue Reading

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Not having a proven plan may already be costing you and your farming operation more than you realize.

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